Fuifui Moimoi The crowd favourite

No one could have possibly imagined when a group of visionaries first sat around a table to discuss the idea of a brand new venture to bring in a transatlantic rugby league team into the British competition that it would grow to where it is now. Many people would have laughed at the idea and suggested it couldn’t possibly be feasible.

Roll the clock forward almost two years and the transition of what was once a dream is quite astonishing, as we look back at the emergence of Toronto Wolfpack in their inaugural season in Kingstone Press League 1.

As has already been highlighted on numerous occasions when analysing this unique club’s journey so far, the crux of whether this would be a successful project was largely down to assembling a committed playing group with enough quality to compete and win in order for the Wolfpack to achieve their goals.

I don’t think anyone can question the class of the TWP roster this year. The club set about building a squad capable of achieving sustained success as they march towards the Super League, which has started with clinching of the League 1 title this year.

In reality, the prospect of playing the sport they love in a brand new country has plenty of appeal to many established stars; none more so than one of the biggest names to grace the sport in the last ten years, Fuifui Moimoi.

With possibly the most eye-catching name in the game, Moimoi is one of the most experienced front rowers in the business. His signature carries huge significance to the Wolfpack; it was a major coup for this fledgling club and his capture has paved the way for a number of household names to follow suit, with the likes of Ryan Bailey opting to sign mid-season and five top flight names already signed up for next year.

Looking at Moimoi in particular, there is simply no one better to generate hype and excitement when showcasing rugby league to a new audience. Cutting an imposing figure at over 100kg, the former NRL favourite and New Zealand international leaves trails of destruction whenever he plays, skittling defenders for fun in an uncompromising style of play that has led him to the very pinnacle of the sport and become a fan favourite wherever he goes.

From the time you read his name on the team sheet to the minute he comes off the field you are keeping a close eye on him. You can be sure that wherever Moimoi is involved, something is likely to happen on the field and it is that intrigue in both his persona and style of play that has made him such a hit with the Canadian public at Lamport Stadium.

Luring someone with over 200 NRL appearances and 20 international caps to a club such as Toronto is a clear indication of the appeal and reputation the Wolfpack has established for themselves already in their brief history.

With the rate the club is expanding and evolving, fans of the Wolfpack who have got just a taste of the greatest game of all can be confident that they will enjoy watching more players of Moimoi’s calibre, as stars of the game are keen to join the game’s newest club and their journey to the top.

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