In the Sheds with Blake Wallace


As part of the TWPs monthly docu-series, viewers are given copious insights into what goes on behind the scenes at this historic club.

So far, we’ve seen first-hand the work that goes on from the various individuals in charge of preparing Lamport Stadium for the Wolfpack’s home matches, as well as a player led tour of the accommodation and facilities the boys enjoy whilst playing on home soil on the other side of the Atlantic.

In episode 3, Wolfpack stand-off Blake Wallace takes you through the game day experience for the Toronto players. Coming into round 11 of the season, Toronto find themselves on the road in northern England, taking on Workington Town in the heart of Cumbria.

Unfortunately for Blake, he is out injured, but lucky for us the energetic and lovable Australian is able to show us exactly what goes on in preparation for the big game, from the minute the players arrive off the bus to the team song in the changing rooms after the final whistle.

Blake explains throughout the whole process leading up to the game that the Wolfpack squad remain relaxed and in good spirits which is vital to a successful performance on the field.

In the footage there is a mixture of light heartedness involving Blake and his fellow players, but a clear change in mind set is evident when it’s time to get down to business, starting with the warm up.

Prior to this, head coach Paul Rowley addresses the players to make sure their intentions and attitudes are right before a ball is kicked. The Toronto boss continues to address the players in this manner at half time, despite a commanding lead, ensuring there is no compromising the high standards the Wolfpack set for themselves.

It’s a highly successful afternoon for the TWP as they run out big winners to remain unbeaten in League One and the togetherness of the playing group is on full display for the team song ‘Wolfpack’s on fire’ which includes injured star Wallace and all the back room staff.

This upbeat yet meticulous preparation for games is a key reason the Wolfpack have been so successful on the field and there is no doubt that team song will be sung loud and proud plenty more times before the conclusion of the 2017 season.

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