Wolfpack Facilities in Canada


An exciting venture such as the Toronto Wolfpack requires a lot of planning and preparation.

The deal breaker for the matches to take place in Toronto were dependant on the extremely generous investment and backing from the Wolfpack themselves. With the enormous backing of main sponsor Air Transat, Toronto have the facility to fly not only their own squad out to Canada to play home games, but the opposition as well and also provide ideal accommodation for both squads in the lead up to the big games.

The Wolfpack squad have the pleasure of staying at the local George Brown College St. James Campus, which also doubles up as the Pan American Games athletes’ sports village, allowing them to make full use of the sporting facilities in close proximity to Lamport Stadium.

Conversely, the opposition will operate out of York University with similar training facilities in order to get ready to take on the Wolfpack and everything is put in place to ensure the smooth transition of both clubs players, who are largely UK based, to play rugby league on the other side of the Atlantic.

Local organisations such as George Brown College getting right behind the Wolfpack club, gives a big indication of the enthusiasm the club has been met with in Toronto, with everyone showing their support for the rugby league rookies.

During the second episode of the Last Tackle TV series, Wolfpack fullback Quentin Laulu-Togaga’e takes viewers on a behind the scenes tour of the accommodation facilities the players have at their disposal. This insight gives you impressive evidence of the fruits of the club’s labour and indicates the measures the Wolfpack have gone to to ensure their successful integration into rugby league in their maiden campaign.

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